Becoming Childlike

One day when we were driving down the road, my 4 year old son, Henry, was counting out loud.  His sister rudely interrupted his math lesson with a totally unrelated subject.  He stopped counting long enough to say to her, “Stop talking to me (he paused while he thought about how to communicate correctly his frustration) while I’m talking to me!” I love the simplicity of a child’s mind. If I said that to another adult, I might be considered insane.  The truth is that sometimes, I need to think out loud. Henry’s statement was simple and direct.  He was pleading with someone not to interrupt his thought process.  How often do we stop what we are doing so that we can seem sane to those around us?  How often do I want to appear polite, so I stop what I am doing and allow the world to interrupt me? When I try to get back to my work, part of what I was doing is lost forever in time. Next time I am in the middle of an important thought process out loud, I think I will incorporate the wisdom of my son and simply say, “Stop talking to me while I’m talking to me!”


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